Expereince Zone for Autoshow 2018

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Honda aimed to highlight its diverse product range to the Indian market during AutoExpo 2018. ImmersionX was tasked with creating an engaging solution to inform and intrigue visitors about Honda‘s global portfolio.


The challenge was to design an innovative, interactive system that would capture visitors’ attention and prompt them to explore Honda‘s range of products while seamlessly collecting their contact information for future engagement.


We devised a touch-based interactive system featuring three LCD screens that would drop down to a tablet-like touch panel. Random products from Honda‘s portfolio would descend from the screens, prompting users to interact and explore further. 

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Our solution seamlessly integrated interactive technology, allowing users to enter their details on the touch tablet and select three products of their choice to receive information about. This approach engaged visitors while subtly informing them about Honda‘s diverse offerings. 


The interactive showcase at AutoExpo 2018 successfully informed and intrigued visitors about Honda‘s global portfolio in a subtle yet interesting manner. ImmersionX’s innovative approach garnered positive feedback, setting the stage for future successful engagements.


February, 2018

Delhi, India

Interactive technology integration, digital engagement strategy

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