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Providing visitors with a cutting-edge immersive experience, our augmented reality setup offers panoramic views of Hampi’s historical sites, enhanced with animations of Hindu gods and mythical creatures.


Transforming traditional sightseeing experiences into captivating interactive journeys required innovative technology and seamless integration with the historical context of Hampi.


Utilizing a motorized turntable and a joystick controller, visitors can navigate through high-resolution augmented stereoscopic panoramas, selecting and exploring various significant locations in Hampi.

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By incorporating a dynamic interactive rendering system and touch screen interface, our solution delivers an immersive visual experience that blends seamlessly with the real places of Hampi, offering an engaging and informative visit for tourists


The experience has transformed the way visitors engage with Hampi’s historical sites, providing a captivating and educational journey that combines modern technology with ancient heritage, enhancing tourism and preserving cultural significance. 

JSW for Hampi Heritage

1st March 2022

Hampi, Karnataka, India

3D glasses and a 360 degree turntable viewing

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