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ImmersionX partnered with Legrand to launch their new range of smart products through India’s first AR TracTech solution, offering an immersive and engaging virtual experience for attendees. 


Legrand sought an innovative approach to showcase the value-in-use of their new smart products to users, leveraging technology to effectively demonstrate functionality and features in a virtual environment.


ImmersionX proposed an AR TracTech solution, utilizing special 3D tracking cameras to layer augmented information on a 3D printed house in real-time, showcasing Legrand’s complete range of products with captivating 3D animations and graphics.

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Through meticulously curated storytelling, the AR TracTech solution seamlessly integrated Legrand’s smart products within the 3D house, followed by detailed feature explanations using pop-up 3D animations, all broadcasted live on YouTube for a wide audience reach. 


The virtual launch event featuring Legrand’s smart products, enhanced by ImmersionX’s AR TracTech solution, captivated attendees with its immersive experience, effectively highlighting the functionality and features of the products, setting a new standard for virtual product launches.


September 2020

Virtual launch 

AR TracTech solution, immersive storytelling, live broadcasting

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