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L&T Defence, aiming to unveil their latest in Defence technology at the Defence Expo, partnered with us to create an innovative and dynamic showcase. The deployment of multitouch tables and a rotoscope augmented reality solution brought their newest products to life in an engaging and futuristic manner


The challenge was to create a showcase that went beyond traditional methods, providing visitors with an immersive and informative experience, reflecting L&T Defence’s commitment to innovation. 


We introduced a multitouch table calibrated to support 3D formats, allowing visitors to interact with L&T‘s latest products. The table’s marker-based system enabled users to explore different options and visualize the products in detail. Additionally, a rotoscope augmented reality solution was implemented to showcase the intricate inner workings of L&T‘s naval submarine. 

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The deployment of a multitouch table with 3D support provided an interactive and informative platform for visitors. The rotoscope augmented reality solution allowed attendees to slide across the submarine model, gaining insights into its intricate mechanisms.


L&T Defence successfully presented their cutting-edge technology at the Defence Expo, leaving a lasting impression on visitors. The innovative use of interactive displays and augmented reality not only showcased their products effectively but also positioned L&T Defence as a forward-thinking leader in the Defence technology space.

L&T Defence 

September, 2023  

Gandhinagar , Gujarat, India

Interactive Technology Integration and Augmented Reality Solutions 

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