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Our team conceptualized and designed an immersive walkthrough experience for the MIND Experience Centre, showcasing MIND’s communication and vision through interactive touchpoints and digital art installations, fostering engagement and conveying a futuristic appeal. 


The challenge involved translating the client’s vision into a cohesive and immersive experience, strategically integrating technology and digital art installations throughout various sections of the centre to captivate visitors and effectively communicate MIND’s message. 


Our concept revolved around utilizing technology and digital art to tell unique stories, enhancing each space within the centre, including the outer facade, entrance, experience centre, executive briefing centre, and the NOC/SOC divisions and WAR room, creating a seamless and impactful narrative journey. 

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Through collaborative brainstorming and innovative design approaches, we proposed and designed unique tech installations tailored to each space, creating an immersive and futuristic atmosphere that aligns with MIND’s brand identity and vision. 


The completed walkthrough experience not only showcases MIND’s innovation and technological prowess but also elevates visitor engagement, leaving a lasting impression and reinforcing MIND’s position as a leader in the tech industry. 

MIND Technologies

February, 2022

Noida, Delhi, India

Conceptualization and Design

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