The BeamBoxx transports you anywhere, at any time, and from any part of the world. Connect live with your audience in life-size holographic display. Launch your product, highlight business offerings and make events exciting with life-like 4K projecion and in-built interactive touchscreen and 3D representation.


MultiTaction’s unique touch technology enables interactive video walls to be scaled to any size and configuration. This allows for unique table, curved wall, and right-angle applications impossible with other touch technologies. Decca incorporates the next generation of MultiTaction’s revolutionary ClearSight touch technology, allowingunlimited simultaneous touches from fingers, hands, pens and Codice 2D markers. Now with 30% moreprocessing power, ClearSight gives each user an interactive experience that is so responsive, it rivals the best of today’s highest-end mobile devices.

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Transform Your Video Wall Into A Showcase. MultiTaction’s Showcase presentation software delivers the ultimate interactive experience. With touch and go interactivity, people can walk up and start using the wall right away. Showcase makes exploring and discovering content super easy.

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The Unlimited Potential Of Human Imagination Right At Your Fingertips. Canvus for visual collaboration and dynamic multimedia presentations goes beyond the whiteboard. Inspire your team with the ability for everyone to touch and interact with documents, videos, images, websites, and software applications with unlimited fingers, pens, or objects. Give remote participants full touch interaction just as if they were in the same room with Canvus Connect.


Fuze revolutionizes experience centre management, offering unparalleled convenience and control. With Fuze, oversee multiple global centres effortlessly through Remote Accessibility, ensuring flexibility and efficiency from anywhere in the world. Craft seamless and captivating events with Content Scheduling, orchestrating a symphony of experiences that captivate your audience. Elevate collaboration with seamlessly integrated Meeting Scheduling, fostering harmonious interactions for events of any scale. Fuze stands as a fortress, prioritizing non-negotiable Data Security to discreetly safeguard your valuable information. Welcome to a new era of experience centre management, where Fuze empowers you to effortlessly manage, captivate, and elevate your brand presence with sophistication and ease.

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