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ImmersionX showcased Orbis Fly, a revolutionary product featuring stunning light-based displays, at the Vitara Brezza launch event, setting new standards for immersive experiences in car launches.


The challenge was to captivate and appeal to a younger audience at the launch event, while also exceeding expectations with an innovative and visually striking display that complements the fresh appeal of the Vitara Brezza.


ImmersionX introduced Orbis Fly, an unprecedented product that mesmerizes viewers with its spellbinding light displays, enhancing the launch event’s ambiance and aligning with the youthful and dynamic vibe of the Vitara Brezza.

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By programming Orbis Fly to mimic the features of the car, ImmersionX created a captivating and abstract yet solution-focused showcase of lights, elevating the event and leaving a lasting impression on attendees. 


The Orbis Fly display at the Vitara Brezza launch event not only captured the attention of the audience but also elevated the overall atmosphere, setting a new benchmark for immersive experiences in car launches and enhancing the brand’s appeal to a younger demographic.


March, 2017

Mumbai, India

Innovative Installation, event enhancement

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