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L&T Construction, prioritizing workmen safety, collaborated with Immersionx to modernize safety training through Virtual Reality (VR). The aim was to improve information retention during training sessions, ultimately reducing accidents at construction sites. 


The existing safety training methods at L&T Construction needed a significant overhaul to enhance impact and engagement. Immersionx faced the challenge of transforming traditional safety manuals into an immersive VR experience that would captivate and educate the workmen effectively.


Immersionx embarked on a thorough study of L&T‘s safety manuals and on-site practices. The pivotal challenge was to make the training both impactful and intriguing. The solution involved crafting a detailed storyboard capturing diverse construction scenarios, which were then transformed into 3D graphics. The VR application, compatible with HTC Vive and Gear VR, focused on two crucial aspects: Safe work methods for Excavation and Safe work methods for work at height.

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Immersionx’s innovative approach involved creating a virtual construction site where users, upon wearing the VR headgear, would be immersed in a realistic environment. A first-person perspective, along with expertly designed 3D graphics and immersive audio, ensured a powerful impact. The VR application served as a narrated guide, instructing workmen on various aspects of behaviour on construction sites, enabling a more relatable and informative experience compared to traditional safety training sessions. 


The implementation of VR safety training modules led to a transformative shift in workmen safety practices at L&T Construction. The first-person view allowed workers to correlate virtual scenarios with reallife situations, significantly enhancing information retention. The initiative resulted in a notable reduction in accidents at construction sites, demonstrating the efficacy of incorporating cutting-edge technology in safety training.

L&T Construction

January 2024

Mumbai, India

Virtual Reality Safety Training Modules

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