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We introduced a touch-based gaming experience with MultiTaction, offering an innovative approach to workflow planning. This application combines intuitive touch and marker recognition, allowing users to create custom workflows and roadmaps on the go with an interactive and engaging interface. 


The challenge was to create a dynamic and interactive platform for workflow planning, enabling users to visualize and establish connections between different elements seamlessly.


Our concept involved developing a touch-based gaming experience using MultiTaction technology. Users could create custom workflows and roadmaps by joining marker blocks together, establishing connections that were then projected onto a table interface. The tangible modelling blocks on the table provided a playful and immersive way for users to experience process modelling in a first-person perspective. 


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The implementation of MultiTaction technology facilitated an interactive and intuitive gaming experience for workflow planning. Users could create, modify, and visualize custom workflows in real-time by connecting marker blocks, enhancing their understanding and engagement with the process. 


The touch-based gaming experience with MultiTaction received acclaim for its innovative approach to workflow planning. The interactive nature of the application, combined with tangible modelling blocks, not only captured people’s attention but also provided a playful and effective means for process actors to assume the roles of subjects in the process, making the experience both educational and engaging. 



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MultiTaction Interactive Technology Integration 

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