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HCL, a prominent Indian tech giant, sought to enhance awareness of its origins and global tech-based offerings. ImmersionX orchestrated a beautiful immersive experience centre that facilitated seamless interaction, programming, and showcased rich content. 


ImmersionX faced the challenge of introducing a novel concept with the creation of one of India’s first experience centers for HCL. The task was to design an engaging platform that not only showcased HCL‘s history and technological advancements but also established a seamless and immersive experience. 


The resulting experience center presented a unique concept executed with precision. It provided visitors with a detailed journey through HCL‘s history via a timeline, showcasing technological offerings both domestically and internationally. The solutions were exhibited through a brilliant installation with a friendly user interface, leveraging Fuze for seamless functionality. 

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We created 4 distinct zones, each allocated to showcase different information – their journey (Timeline Zone), their leaders (People Zone), and their product offerings (Proposition Zone). Deploying the nascent version of Fuze, ImmersionX ensured seamless functionality throughout the center. Fuze, the backbone of the experience, integrated advanced programming, offering visitors a user-friendly interface to interact with HCL‘s rich content. 


The Customer Experience Centre at HCL, empowered by ImmersionX’s Fuze, continues to be extensively utilized for multiple events, gatherings, training, and induction sessions. With back-end support provided by ImmersionX, the center remains a consistently immersive and insightful platform for daily use, showcasing the enduring success of the collaboration. 


March, 2017

Noida, India

Immersive Experience Design, Programming, Content Showcase

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