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Reliance Jio revolutionized visitor experience with the introduction of the I-Wall, an interactive installation offering immersive access to information and milestones about the company, setting a new standard for engaging office environments.


In a market monopolized by powerful players, Reliance Jio sought to differentiate itself and showcase its innovative practices, faster speed, and superior customer service to visitors in an engaging and memorable way. 


The concept centered around the I-Wall, an interactive installation designed to share the gift of knowledge with visitors, enabling them to access, interact with, and explore information about Reliance Jio through touch, zoom, pinch, scroll, and enlarge functionalities.

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The I-Wall provides visitors with a unique and personalized connection to Reliance Jio, offering an immersive experience that transcends traditional methods of engagement, allowing visitors to interact with the company’s milestones and achievements without needing to connect to Jio services directly. 


The introduction of the I-Wall at Reliance offices has transformed the visitor experience, fostering deeper connections with Reliance Jio by offering immersive access to company information and milestones, thereby enhancing engagement and leaving a lasting impression on visitors. 

Reliance Jio

Jan 2016 

Mumbai. India

Interactive installation, knowledge dissemination, visitor engagement

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