Innovation for India’s Annual Meet

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Immersionx collaborated with Microsoft India for their annual meet, introducing Multitaction technology to engage attendees with interactive information manuals, enhancing productivity and engagement. 


Microsoft India sought an innovative solution to deliver information manuals to attendees in a dynamic and engaging manner during their annual meet, aiming to maximize productivity and participation.


Immersionx proposed Multitaction technology in a digital tree format with 3 displays stacked vertically and 1 at the bottom end for interaction, offering a multi-user solution capable of detecting QR marker codes, ensuring seamless access to information manuals for all attendees. 

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Immersionx meticulously collected the database of expected visitors and generated unique QR marker codes mapped against their names, emails, and mobile contacts. These codes enabled attendees to access and browse information manuals displayed on the Multitaction unit, facilitating further learning through email sharing. 


The integration of Multitaction technology at Microsoft India’s annual meet proved to be a productive, engaging, and thrilling experience for attendees, enhancing information accessibility and fostering interactive learning opportunities.


March, 2017


Multitaction technology integration, database management, interactive information dissemination

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