Resurrection of international celebrities virtually

Virtual Music shows of international celebrities

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The rich history of music over the decades is resurrected using virtual production technology to bring deceased celebrities back on stage, allowing fans to relive their favourite performances once again. 


The challenge involves bringing a dead celebrity back to life and making them perform once again for their audiences. The most obvious challenge aside, the seamless integration of crafting a 3D technology, Motion Capture, and cutting-edge visual effects into live performances make this a one-of-a-kind experience. 


Creating a virtual character that is ultra-realistic but with actions controlled by performers along with exotic and sometimes fantastic environments and visual effects that mirror the efforts of some of the most epic VFX movies that have been created till date. 

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We gathered industry experts and creative minds from across the world to lend their technical expertise and creative artistry to create environments, performers and characters whose movements are powered by modern day artists using motion capture technology, the power of the Unreal engine, and various VFX software to integrate a complete virtual entertainment solution that literally brings history into the present.


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