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Contracted to design both the physical space and technological solutions, ImmersionX embarked on a mission to create the Siemens Smart Grids and Infrastructure Experience Centre at Electronic City, Bengaluru. The brief was clear – to craft a modern and futuristic environment reflecting Siemens’ technological prowess, effectively showcasing the Smart Grid Infrastructure (SGI) Software and Hardware portfolio. 


The challenge at hand was to design an innovative space that not only demonstrates Siemens’ expertise in smart grid infrastructure but also effectively communicates the intricate details of SGI software and hardware to visitors with varying levels of expertise. 


The overarching concept was to immerse visitors in the innovative nature of Siemens, emphasizing their solution-first approach. The intent was to introduce visitors to the world of SGI products, creating a one-of-a-kind experience that leaves a lasting impression. The target groups were carefully identified as Innovators (CEOs, CXOs, COOs), Learners (New Joinees, MTs, Interns), and Peers (Cross-Department, Cross-Location). 

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ImmersionX tackled the spatial design goals with precision, ensuring a grand and futuristic look that maximized space in terms of height and depth. The design complemented technology to create an unparalleled experience. The Experience Centre was segmented into distinct zones, including a welcoming area with a personalized message, Thoughtscape for Siemens Advanta Vision, and the showcase of innovative products from different portfolios with a focus on the history, future, and impact. 


The Siemens Smart Grids and Infrastructure Experience Centre, crafted by ImmersionX, is a testament to Siemens’ technological prowess. It successfully caters to diverse target groups, offering an immersive and educational experience. The grand and futuristic look, combined with thoughtful spatial design, ensures that visitors, whether Innovators, Learners, or Peers, leave with a profound understanding of Siemens’ Smart Grid Infrastructure and its impact on the future of energy. 

Siemens Advanta India

April 2023

Electronic City, Bengaluru

Concept Desig, Immersive Space Design, Technology Solutions Integration

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