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Tata Projects, a leading Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) company in India, embarked on a digital transformation journey to enhance project delivery. ImmersionX, in collaboration with Tata Projects, curated an immersive solution for the Convergence 2024 event, shedding light on the company’s strides in technology adoption, from drone mapping to AI surveillance and 3D Building Information Modeling (BIM). 


The construction sector’s historical resistance to technology adoption prompted Tata Projects to reimagine its strategic focus. The challenge was to communicate this paradigm shift, emphasizing the company’s commitment to predictable project delivery through technological advancements. 


To effectively convey Tata Projects’ technological prowess, ImmersionX conceptualized an immersive showcase featuring stimulated drone flights, comparative analysis, 3D modeling, and control centers. The aim was to simplify complex processes and offer event attendees a snapshot of the company’s innovative initiatives, including the use of 3D BIM models, AI surveillance, and drone mapping. 


The immersive setup included a show-stopping curved active LED and a control table featuring a touch screen and specialized drone control. These mediums were utilized to showcase the intricacies of Tata Projects’ digital initiatives, providing a hands-on experience of their technological capabilities. The immersive solution creatively presented the integration of technology into project planning, execution, and monitoring. 


The Convergence 2024 event provided Tata Projects with a platform to showcase its commitment to technology-driven project delivery. The immersive showcase allowed stakeholders to witness the benefits of drone mapping, AI surveillance, and 3D BIM models in real-time, fostering a deeper understanding of the company’s digital initiatives. The event successfully communicated Tata Projects’ vision of a future characterized by innovation, efficiency, and precision in the construction sector. 

Tata Projects

February 2024

Mumbai and Delhi, India

Immersive Technology Showcase, Integration of Digital Solutions

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