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Volumetric capture” (also known as “volumetric intelligence”) technology converts a person, object, or place into 3D digital data and reproduces it as a high-quality image by creating spatial models of moving objects and people in real-time. This video technique captures you from different viewpoints. It captures moving images of people and creates them in 3D in no time.


The challenge is to be able to go beyond sculpting and modelling ever object needed to create a realistic 3D environment by using complex capture techniques to achieve realistic models and motion in video.


Volumetric capture takes data from real recordings and converts your body into a 3d avatar that can be used online. 3d avatars are computer generated models that can be created without the use of a real person. Sometimes a picture can be used to model these avatars but they are completely made using computer softwares. This avatar can be used on multiple platforms such as metaverse.

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Volumetric video is also being deployed for purposes, such as filmmaking, virtual production, sports, music videos, etc. Volumetric capture can be used to capture an artist’s performance and stream it in the metaverse using AR or VR. Entire landscapes have been captured using volumetric methods, then added to a game engine. The digitized backgrounds can then be displayed on LED screens set against a stage, giving performers the ability to immerse themselves in the virtual worlds. 


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