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WNS, a global business process management company, faced challenges related to showcasing their backend processes effectively. In response, ImmersionX introduced a revolutionary solution – the WNS Experience Centre. This user-driven space combines cutting-edge technology with seamless customization through the Fuze App, offering a dynamic and immersive platform for business presentations and discussions. 


WNS encountered difficulties in presenting their backend processes, particularly anomalies and inconsistencies. The challenge was to create a solution that not only addressed these issues but also provided a cohesive and tailored experience for every client, surpassing their expectations in a collaborative manner. 


The WNS Experience Centre revolves around the idea of a user-driven journey. Divided into the Welcome Zone, Co-creation Zone, and Lounge Area, it integrates a Digital Toolkit to customize and control content. This innovative concept encourages interaction, collaboration, and dynamic content updates, ensuring a personalized and evolving experience for each client.

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ImmersionX’s solution to WNS‘s showcasing challenge was the creation of a user-driven Experience Centre. The Fuze App, a proprietary application, enables clients to upload credentials and visuals, controlling presentations across various installations. The Co-creation Zone fosters interaction and collaboration through MT Canvus and Digital Whiteboard, while the Lounge Area provides a space for reflection, discussion, and business decisions. 


The WNS Experience Centre has become a masterpiece in business-driven solutions. The symphony of experiences allows clients to immerse themselves in the showcased content, make informed decisions, and engage in discussions seamlessly. With the potential to host various activities, the Centre stands as a dynamic platform for years to come, with minimal upgrades and timely maintenance. 

WNS Global

February, 2023


Space Design, Interiors, Programming, Hardware Integration

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