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Capgemini sought to showcase their diverse insurance policies based on different scenarios, leading us to provide a groundbreaking telematics solution using HoloLens. This project introduced a unique Mixed Reality experience, allowing users to interact with the real world to explore and choose ideal insurance options.


The challenge was to present various insurance policies in an engaging and interactive manner, requiring a solution that could seamlessly blend the physical and digital worlds for an immersive user experience.


Utilizing HoloLens, a Mixed Reality technology, our concept involved creating a simulation where users could interact with real-world items to experience different insurance scenarios. Starting the simulation on HoloLens initiated a car journey through programmed scenarios, with users interacting with the interface to find their ideal insurance coverage. 

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We delivered the telematics solution on HoloLens, enabling users to touch, interact, and make decisions in the simulated environment. The use of Mixed Reality technology allowed for a novel and intuitive user experience, where gestures and actions in the real world influenced the virtual scenario.


The HoloLens-based telematics showcase for Capgemini garnered attention for its innovative approach. Attendees were able to engage seamlessly with the insurance scenarios, enhancing their understanding and decision-making process. The project showcased the potential of Mixed Reality technology in transforming how insurance policies are presented and experienced.



Mumbai, India

Telematics Solution on HoloLens

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