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Leveraging advanced 3D software, we crafted a captivating corporate presentation for Suzlon Energy, displayed on a 270-degree watchout server with LED screens spanning over 190 feet, delivering an unparalleled visual experience to guests and users.


The challenge lay in seamlessly integrating high-resolution 3D content into a vast display area while maintaining clarity and coherence, ensuring that the presentation effectively communicated Suzlon‘s message to potential investors.


Our concept focused on utilizing actual 3D models of Suzlon‘s windmills to create a visually stunning and informative presentation, enhancing audience engagement and understanding of the company’s offerings.

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Through collaborative efforts between Suzlon and our creative team, we developed a seamless blend of technology and content, delivering an immersive experience that showcased Suzlon‘s capabilities and vision to investors.


The presentation, delivered by Suzlon‘s CTO Mr. Duncan Corbel, not only captivated the audience but also demonstrated our ability to curate big data for corporate presentations, setting a new standard for visual storytelling in investor relations and corporate communications. 

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February 2024

BKC office, Mumbai 

Customer Experience Center Design and Deployment, Fuze Integration 

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